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We will always remember your struggle for justice for those most powerless in the mental health system, David!

Memorial created 08-1-2008 by
David Oaks
David Romprey
August 18 1965 - July 30 2008


Rebecca Edens

Tillamook, Oregon

I can hear David even now dancing around in my head, I can hear the songs
ringing in my ears, you know, the ones on his cell phone. I wake up in the
middle of the night and want to call him. Something comes up during the day
and I want to run it by David. I find it hard to accept that he is gone. I sit
down and try to write about my memories of David the things he taught me,
but to do that I have to accept, what has happened. David was so “electric”
so “alive”, so “passionate”, so “stubborn”, so “ annoyingly-adorable”, he
was “a visionary”, “a missionary”, “a mentor”,  “a friend”, “a father”, “a
brother”, he was “what we needed when we needed it”.  David is a Patriarch,
a Hero, His Passion will always be with us, moving us forward, carrying the
message of Hope.

David said that his “Loyalty” was to “Recovery”, carrying that message
forward. He said, “hold on to that”.  He said that he belonged to many
organizations and supported many projects, but he always put the “Vision”
before any of that. He said “Hold on to your Passion” and “Say Your Truth”.

David, gave his life, in the service of others, his passion for recovery, for
human dignity, an end to suffering, his words, his story, his truth, his dreams,
are our visions, our dreams, our cause. David truly gave his life for his friends !
We stand, with you David- together! We do stand together!

It is time for our elected officials,to stand with us!   It is time for  Oregonians,
to stand with us!   It is time for other human beings on this Planet to Stand
with us! Now, is that time!

 Will they finally  hear David - Now !

Thanks for listening and caring   -   Rebecca Edens (Tillamook Oregon)


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