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We will always remember your struggle for justice for those most powerless in the mental health system, David!

Memorial created 08-1-2008 by
David Oaks
David Romprey
August 18 1965 - July 30 2008

Sharing Personal Histories

by Jacek Haciak


My relationship with David was most rewarding because of the mutual comfort when sharing our personal histories and laughing about our own foibles.  Knowing each other and providing each other support seemed to come easily.


David talked often about his parents and children.  His feeling for family connections came through even with those of us unrelated to him by blood.  Whenever any past events posed an obstacle in his connection with his parents, he worked very hard to find pathways of reconciliation with his mother and the memories of his father.  He was always eventually successful.  I particularly enjoyed the stories he told me about his father.  David liked reflecting on the staunch and well-anchored faith in God his father embraced and expected from others, and the memories of his father’s impassioned preaching.  I found myself in one conversation unintentionally helping David connect even more distinctly with those pleasures when I told him that, although I had never had the chance to have met his father, I knew from David’s stories that I was coming to know a piece of his father through him.  That I could feel the passion of his father in David’s own powerful expressions, and that I could easily imagine a mental health revival tent being David’s constant nomadic home.  David laughed; then cried.


Thank you, David, for your love of life, and sharing it with me.


Jacek (pronounced Jack)


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