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We will always remember your struggle for justice for those most powerless in the mental health system, David!

Memorial created 08-1-2008 by
David Oaks
David Romprey
August 18 1965 - July 30 2008



by Beckie Child

I was at David's cottage killing some time between meetings one day.  Courage came in the house and came up to me.  I am a cat lover.  I had never met Courage before.  I asked David what his cat's name was.  He told me that Max had named him Courage.  I told David that I loved the name. 

David was getting ready to go somewhere and came out into the living room.  He noticed Courage sitting on my lap getting chin skritches and ear rubbings, and purring quite loudly.  David asked me, "How do you do that?" 

So I showed David how to give Courage chin skrtiches and ear rubs. 

I got an email from David a couple of weeks later saying that he had no idea that cats had so much love for humans.  He was really glad that he had learned to give chin skritches and ear rubs to Courage.

Another time at David's house I went in and got a drink of water  There was a mound of cat food that was about 12 inches high.  I asked David about it.  He said that Courage wouldn't eat unless the food was piled high over the bowl.  Courage didn't overeat--but he had some strange eating habits.



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