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We will always remember your struggle for justice for those most powerless in the mental health system, David!

Memorial created 08-1-2008 by
David Oaks
David Romprey
August 18 1965 - July 30 2008

David Romprey testifies to Oregon State Senate.

This online memorial was created in loving memory of David Romprey, psychiatric survivor, mental health consumer, advocate, father, Oregonian, activist.

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We will remember David forever.

Below is an article in the Salem, Oregon newspaper about David's death:

Statesman Journal - Salem, Oregon, USA

1 August 2008

Mental-health activist dies at 42

Medical issue kills David Romprey before car crash

By Ruth Liao

Longtime Salem activist David Romprey, who is remembered as an outspoken crusader for Oregon's mental-health system, has died, officials said.

Romprey was about to begin Monday as a coordinator of the Oregon Peer Bridgers Project with the Oregon State Hospital, spokeswoman Patricia Feeny said.

Romprey died Wednesday night in Salem as he was pulling out of a driveway near 12th and Chemeketa streets NE, Salem Police Lt. Mark Keagle said.

It happened about 6 p.m. when the vehicle crashed into a pole, police said. Police determined that Romprey died of a medical condition before the crash.

Romprey was 42. He is survived by two children, Max and [Eleanor].

Romprey, who spent two years as an Oregon State Hospital patient until he was released in 1991, was a critic of the state's 125-year-old Salem facility and fought to diminish stigmas attached to mental  illnesses.

In 2005, Romprey was honored with the Mental Health Award for Excellence by the Oregon Department of Human Services, Feeny said.

Romprey was integral in helping to create the Oregon Peer Bridgers Project, a new program that would help released patients' transition into the community, said Roy Orr, superintendent of Oregon State Hospital.

The program will help create individualized plans for patients who are either selected or who volunteer to join. On average, about 50 to 60 patients are discharged monthly from the state hospital campuses in Portland and Salem, Orr said.

The program also would track the patients' progress and adjustment back into the community, Orr said.

"It's just stunning to think, we're now without David and the world's a little poorer as a result," Orr said.

Friend Mike Hlebechuk, a residential services coordinator for the state, said Romprey's greatest gift was his command of the English language — in speech or writing.

Romprey once evoked Moses' cry "Let my people go" in talking to representatives from the president's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, Hlebechuk said.

Friend David W. Oaks, the director of MindFreedom International, called Romprey a "dynamic hero" for the mental-health advocacy movement in Oregon.

Oaks described Romprey's efforts as a "community organizer," who would travel to Eastern Oregon to help set up mental-health consumer support groups and networks.

"David had overwhelming passion for the most marginalized and powerless people in the mental-health system," Oaks said.

Romprey was a longtime member of a statewide mental-health advisory council, said Madeline Olson, a deputy assistant director of the Addiction and Mental-Health Division.

Romprey also advocated wellness for everyone, not just those with mental illnesses.

"His whole life was an example that categorizing people and stigmatizing people was foolish and wrong," Olson said.

rliao@StatesmanJournal.com or (503) 589-6941

# # #

Services for David Romprey are set for 3 p.m. Aug. 7 at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 1444 Liberty St. SE., Salem, Oregon, USA.



Photo of David in Statesman Journal article.
David Romprey receives Oregon State Mental Health Award for Excellence at the State Capitol.

Marliese contributes this gem she wrote in 2005 when David Romprey got an award:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: MARLIESE FRANKLIN <upupleap@comcast.net>
Date: 2005/10/6
Subject: Personal Press release:

David Romprey shines...

Good Day Everyone!

I want to sound the bells! throw the confetti! dance a jig! eat cake!

I would like you all to know that David Romprey was in the limelight yesterday! He received an Oregon State Mental Health Award for Excellence at the State Capitol. He was one of 13 honored for his passionate, compassionate, intelligent, honest and tireless work!

You should've seen him! Max was there, too, wide-eyed, and flushed, watching his Dad being praised in front of all of these people (about 150)! the handing over of the award the flash of the cameras! Look at the Photo of him with Maxwell during his speech, such a sweet exchange that reminds me of David's lovely capacity to honor others and elevate them with him.

I know David won't email or call all of you and toot his horn, so I am doing it for him. I felt such appreciation for his work and the work of so so many others, you all as well, and thankful to be a part of this history, this movement, these triumphs. Fitting there will be a thirty year anniversary showing of "One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest". What can and will happen in the next 30?

It is!

From Oregon,
This time a personal news release,


Dorothy writes that this is where she was when had her beautiful dream of David.

08-04-2008 9:48 AM -- By: Dorothy Dundas,  From: Newton, Massachusette  

Dear, dear David,

I only had the opportunity to spend time with you twice, but your wonderful smile and the twinkle in your eye caused an immediate catch in my heartbeat.  Remember how we talked passionately about the horrors of shock and toasted the pure fact that we were both still alive to do whatever we could to stop the atrocities and to keep hope alive for those still suffering. 

And so much you did! And for so, so many!.......

On Thursday night, July 31, I had the most amazing dream about you:

I saw you flying high in the bright blue sky, soaring in and through the clouds, smiling, calling down to us all to let us know that you were all right up there flying with your newly-found freedom. 

It was such a clear and vibrant dream, and I am left with the image of you safely flying with all of those who have gone before you.

And so, fellow travelers, I say to you all:  look up, you will see dear David up there in the sky, in the clouds, in the sunsets and in the brilliant stars. As we do our various kinds of work to carry on David's passions, he will be with us.

love, Dorothy Dundas


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