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We will always remember your struggle for justice for those most powerless in the mental health system, David!

Memorial created 08-1-2008 by
David Oaks
David Romprey
August 18 1965 - July 30 2008

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11-07-2010 4:35 PM -- By: Lynda hambright,  From: Key West, Fl  

I am sorry to read of David's death. There are not many words one can say at a time like this.  There was to be promise of a better life for David.   I know  that God knew David's life from beginning to the day he died.  We never can understand God's purposes all the time but, we can be sure that God will care for David and there will be no more pain for him.  One day, all will meet again when Jesus sounds the Trumpet.  God doesn't make any mistakes.  He wanted David and it was his time to  let go of all his pain and be with the Lord.   I will keep David's family in my prayers that God will give them courage and strength for each day without their son.    God lost His son also so He knows and is acquainted with  their grief

08-26-2010 6:17 PM -- By: M,  From:  

 Never had the chance to say goodbye. I will miss you my dear friend and think fondly of all the fun we had together. Just found a sketch that you bought for me. Brought back some great memories. Rest my dear friend. You have touched my life as well as many others. One of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Till we meet again. Love ya.

01-14-2010 2:54 PM -- By: Marie,  From: Salem  

David, you are with my Mom and that comforts me.  Someday I will see you both.  I am getting better every day and still think of you a lot.   I am working now and enjoy sobriety.  I am starting to heal.  Although I never met you, I sure got to know you well.  You are an inspiration!  :)



09-17-2009 1:14 AM -- By: Howard,  From: Condon  


Thinking of you.  You always inspired me and have been a huge part of my recovery.  Thank you for being supportive of my dreams.


09-07-2009 4:24 PM -- By: Lesley Stuart,  From: England  

David, I have heard so much about you from my sister, Lynne, and I am so very sad that I didn't have the chance to meet you. Lynne & I have just lost our brother, Steve. He, like you, was taken from us too young with so much life left to live. You and Steve were both non conformists, impatient with other people's perceived limits and strictures and God bless you both for it. You will never be forgotten whilst people still talk about you & people will talk about you forever. You are very sadly missed

Lesley Stuart  

08-18-2009 11:36 AM -- By: myra,  From:  

Happy Birthday David


08-14-2009 6:54 PM -- By: Tony,  From: Portland  


It's August the 14th, 2009 almost a day to the year I last called you. I've always been reluctant to impose upon our friendship when in times of need this time was one of celebration I had recovered from the face of my demons and only wanted to wish you well.

This is my tribute and goodbye to a good friend, there's only a few who would know our ups and downs. You've taken so much to the grave that only a priveledged few really knew.

I'll miss you I've been calling to tell you I'm buying a house in Salem when your phone was disconnected I thought you had moved. But I knew you would never leave Salem and in retrospect I guess you never did.

I went searching on the web to see if I could track you down it's 3:15pm on a Friday and to my disbelief I found you dead. This is my goodbye after being denied a long due hello. Goodbye old friend rest in peace.

I'll try to find Donna and the children a reunion is so long overdue.

Donna, Victoria, Kevin, eli, or maximillion send me a note when you can or if you ever check this blog I'm at pelasgian97@yahoo.com R emember your Dad was a good man. One of the best I ever knew....

Goodbye Old Friend


08-08-2009 6:33 PM -- By: Judi Scharnak,  From: Indianapolis  

07-30-2009 9:32 PM -- By: Marie,  From: Salem  

It has been one year today that the world lost you.  I am thinking of you and praying for your children.

07-21-2009 8:13 PM -- By: Joseph S. Balletta,  From: My Heart!  

 Dear David.

How shocking to hear about you agin in this way

I will never forget you because of the type of person you are.

I will miss you as i have ever since i last saw you because of the light you always brought to the shadows.

Your spirit to humanize any situation in a dehumanized society and your wit and sense of humor were rare. And furthermore to have this kind of human spirit for some of the most oppressed while oppressed yourself makes you  such a unique giver.

Those  fighers for Rights for the so called mentally ill have truly lost a leader a person whose humanity  and hope for us never wanned although you like all of us had seen the bowels of hell more often then any one person deserves to. I salute you and look up to you as a person and for that great kindness you had given to me and others.

I hope you will accept this short Pray from me about you and from the bottom of my heart i hope your spirit will go on to continue too inspire others as i know it has inspired me.

With Love & Sadness,


07-06-2009 9:18 PM -- By: Blanca Deleon,  From: California  

Dear David, I just found out about your departure to the place we all will be some day.

Todabia no lo puedo creer mi querido amigo,el poco tiempo que compartimos juntos fue increible.

La ultima ves que hablamos por telefono me compartistes tus planes de vicitar California.

Recuerdo nuestro viaje a el museo de Arte en Oregon, recuerdo cada detalle y cada palabra tulla.

Como olbidar a un gran hombre, pero bueno solo nos queda extanarte y agradecer el  extraordinario trabajo que hicistes en tu breve estancia fisica en la tierra.

Siempre te recordare David, nunca te olbidare amigo.

Blanca Deleon

06-05-2009 1:37 PM -- By: Nancy Hawkins,  From: Portland  

David and Family - ouch!  When the email arrived from MomE, remembered meeting you at an information table while searching for help and understanding for a younger brother - having already lost an Uncle David to mental illness at 21 - I was 19 and that awful call came to the college that David had died under "mysterious" circumstance.  Also, mother's mother's "shock therapy" during the 50s and her asking me "Do you think I'm crazy" and the sadness that surrounded her.  The heartbreak that filled our home and our friends.  Since then the information, emails and speechs have been a great comfort to me and my family.  Younger brother is no longer homeless - he's with our sister in Houston and finally at  52 - he is at peace.  It is peace that I'm sending your way to you and your family...bless all of you. Nancy

05-14-2009 1:54 AM -- By: Lois Johnson - MOM,  From: Antioch, California  

Oh David, I miss you and our Glenn so much it sometimes feels unbearable.  Tonight I got an urge to read through all these memorials again (some for the first time).  How proud I am of you!  How proud your Dad Jerold Romprey would be.  I am deeply touched to be reminded of the impact your life has had on so many!  And to think:  In just a few days you were planning to come spend a fun weekend with me - then, as you said, "I'll go back and tell Maxwell what a great time I had - and then Max and I will plan to come spend a week with you in the summer."  So many plans, dreams, hopes and aspirations that ended so suddenly.  I love you, David.  We'll see you "soon".  Mom

04-30-2009 1:22 PM -- By: Marie,  From: Oregon  

I am going today, Thursday, April, 30th, 2009, to be treated for severe bi-polar disorder.  I knew David from Starbucks.  It is because of David that I have the courage to get better.  Like, David, I Won't Back Down!

04-27-2009 6:31 PM -- By: Tony Bonillo,  From: Portland, Oregon  


I just learned today April 27, 2009, of your death in 2008.  I feel so sad and angry, and I miss you so much for all that time we missed talking and philosophizing.  Thank you so much for being such a good friend when no other of our friends seemed able.  Your light in my life will shine forever.  Your advocacy for mental health equal rights will live on with me.  I miss you, my friend.

04-09-2009 9:04 PM -- By: ,  From:  

I was thinking about my good friend David today, missing him terribly, and found solace in revisiting this website and finding that others still think of him.  Just looking at these photos and seeing his impish grin, I can almost smell his cologne again, and his hearty laugh echoes in the halls of my memory. 

The tornado of David's energy still puts wind in my sails on difficult days when change at OSH seems impossible.  I am forever grateful to have had my life improved by knowing him.  Passion and commitment are redefined by the experience of having worked with David, and I continue to believe in the importance of hope - nay, expectation - that change will one day come. 

Blessings on you, David.  May your loved ones find comfort in knowing that you are still missed by all those who knew you. 

03-25-2009 1:16 AM -- By: Lee Fredrickson,  From: Douglas, AZ  

I was stunned when I read this today, and realized it was the David Romprey I knew in Germany.  David and I were soldiers together at Headquarters, 1st Personnel Command in Schwetzingen, Germany.  He came to Germany at the age of 19, and I was an old man of 22 or 23 at the time.  We both found each other through our love of running, and along with our friends, Mark and Wanda, spent many hours and days travelling throughout Germany competing in road races and track meets while representing our command and military community. 

In the shorter races, such as the mile and 2 mile, Dave was faster than me, but when it came to 10K road races, I would use just about any sort of elevation gain to get the extra edge on Dave because if he were to be anywhere near me at the finish, he would crush me with that kick of his.  Dave, Wanda, Mark and I spent alot of time laughing and enjoying each other's company. 

I feel like I have lost a really good friend even though I have not heard from Dave since probably 1986 when I left Germany for reassignment back to the US.  Dave had already come back stateside to compete for the All-Army Track and Field team in Boulder, CO, and I was glad for him.

We called Dave "YJ" because he was so much younger than the rest of us.  "YJ" stood for Young Junior and Dave just thought it was cool that he got a nickname.

Rest in peace, Dave - even though I have not seen you for over 20 years, I have thought of you often and wondered how things went with your life.  You were a really good friend, a fierce competitor, an excellent workout partner, a just an all-around great guy.  The world is just a bit emptier without you, and I know a piece of me has gone forever.

Your friend,

Lee Fredrickson

02-26-2009 1:54 PM -- By: ,  From:  

I need some of your amazing insight right about now.  My conversations with others can hardly compare!  At the end of the day only few make sense. Never a day without thinking of you, wanting to hear your voice, longing to hear your interpretation.  I miss your uniqueness, David.

My prayers with you, always and forever.

"A" in Philly



02-09-2009 12:24 AM -- By: Rebecca Edens,  From: Tillamook Oregon  

To David's Family,     I wanted you to know that not one day goes by that I don't think about David and when I think about him I think of you and keep you in my prayers. And when I remember David I remember  Glenn because David never let us forget him . My Brother Hank was called home at the age of 45. One of my fears was that he would be forgotten. I just wanted you to know that David is remembered in our hearts and minds and that is work continues also.   Sincerely,  Becky

09-24-2008 7:57 PM -- By: Chris Foulke,  From: Corvallis OR  

Dear People Far and Wide,

I hope you are well.  It has been well over a month since our good friend and compatriot David Romprey passed into his next existence.  Our memories of him are both sweet and earthy--such a vibrant person, rascally funny, and a go-getter for important things bringing people together, to the table, and broadening the net of connections and services.  Faciliating communication and change. Many good things.  I don't know how many words flowed and tears fell after the news of his passing.  

The full measure of a person's life is rarely contemplated until his or her passing.  As the BEARS, Marie Parcell, Terry Faler, and I drove home right after David Romprey's Memorial--on Hwy. 22 west of Salem, it seemed as if Heaven had arrayed itself for the most magnificent natural display I've ever seen.  Behind a billowy white cumulus pregnant with moisture, golden sunbeams glinted fanlike, proudly lighting up the entire sky and landscape.  The Sun was centrally stationed, a massive cloud perfectly-positioned, and it stayed that way for many miles.  It was as if Heaven had arrayed itself in extraordinary brilliance,  choreographed harmony, on its tiptoes, as when announcing a new arrival.

That she could.  The moment was not lost on me, nor I think on anyone else.  We may have all seen or felt the glory that day, even if just in the heartfelt and harmonious words of so many of David's friends, family, and associates.  I think there was rejoicing in Heaven that day.  Little do we know the effects of our efforts, small, large, or medium...

Now we must carry forward that multi-colored vision and broad connective work of our good friend and peaceful warrior David Romprey.  It is an honorable, joyful, and slightly ambitious task.  Each of us can contribute something, in our own small everyday way. 

I am glad to have known and witnessed just a small part of the new world that is being created by him and others in this realm of whole people building 'mental health' and empowered lives.

We can and should carry forward the good fight.  Really this is about all of us.  We are a community of people whose hopes and dreams are roped together, and we can unite to make this new day arrive sooner.   

As to the purpose of this letter, right now, David's kids could use some help.  They have some assistance, but not nearly enough as I understand it.  Donations normally pour in initially after someone passes, but they inevitably trail off or are used up, and then ongoing needs need to be supplied.  As David contributed to our lives, so we can help David's kids, Eleanor and Maxwell, who are surely deserving of a good and decent life with the important opportunities to grow and develop as individuals.  

This is a time to pitch in and help.   Gina Nikkel of the Association of Oregon Community Mental Health Programs explains in the below email how a memorial account has been set up in David's name (see instructions below on how we can have a small amount deducted from our bank account monthly to help). 

I have summarized how to do this in the bold section below.  

To Help David's Kids Eleanor and Maxwell, the information from this email should be taken to your bank.  Just let them know that you would like to contribute to the "David Romprey Memorial Account", (Account No. 04018044) at Pioneer Trust, a bank, with Routing No. 123200059 with a monthly withdrawal from your checking account.   Your bank will contact Pioneer Trust to give them your bank's routing number and requisite account information. 

The account title again is:
           &nbs p;          "David Romprey Memorial Account"         &nb sp;        (-through Pioneer Trust--)
This, of course, is for his children.  I plan to have a small amount taken out monthly from my checking account to help.  How about you?  Although certainly many of us may not have a 'large income', not a lot, if we all pitch in a little, say $10 or $20 (even $5), the difference will be very great.   Tangible.   Real.   Big help.  Let's do it.

With Vision for a Brighter Day,

Chris Foulke,
(541) 908-6907
          ;           Member:
Oregon's Wellness Initiative Task Force
Oregon Consumer/Survivor Council
BEARS (Corvallis Mental Health Education and Advocacy Group)

P.S. Single donations are also OK.  The original email from Ms. Gina Nikkel is copied below.  Diana Bronson of her office has informed me that people do not need to call her as the email says, but merely take the email information to your bank.  If you want me to forward the original email to you personally, I would be glad to--just email me.



direct deposit for David Romprey Memorial Fund


"Gina Nikkel" <GNikkel@aocweb.org>


Wed, September 3, 2008 9:19 am


"Chris Foulke" <understand@peak.org>




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You had called and asked if we were going to be able to do Direct Deposits from checking accounts on a monthly basis.  Yes, we can. Our bank, Pioneer Trust, suggests that you call Diana Bronson at 503-399-7201 to get account information. Then you must take the information to your bank and sign papers that you want money taken out each month and put it into the David Romprey Memorial Account.  Then they take it from there.

Thank you Chris for inquiring!


Gina Nikkel, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Association of Oregon Community
Mental Health Programs
1201 Court Street NE #201
Salem, OR  97301

09-13-2008 11:54 AM -- By: Rebecca Edens,  From: Tillamook Oregon  

Everyday something comes up that I would like to run by David, Everyday I remember him. Everyday I say a prayer of Thanks, for having David in my life. Everyday I think of you, his family and want to thank you for sharing him with all of us, and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Take Care - Becky Edens

09-10-2008 1:45 PM -- By: VLS,  From:  

Thanks for all of your contributions and incredibly high level of commitment; your spirit lives on!

09-05-2008 1:15 AM -- By: Janie Lee, M.Ed.,  From: Kentucky  

"His whole life was an example that categorizing people and stigmatizing people was foolish and wrong," Olson said.   I don't think I could have said that better, that was what he immulated in all that he did, he was a great guy, the world will not be the same without him.  I read every one of the pages and it was all David, David must have been a true person, and that is why he could be such a great friend in life to so many people.  Sorry for the loss, again peace to those that must go on without him.

09-05-2008 12:35 AM -- By: Janie Lee, M.Ed.,  From: Kentucky  

Interesting to see this pic of David, he and I were close personal friends at one point in time even if I never met him in person, I leave many hopes for peace for him and the ones that he has left behind, interesting and sad that things turn out the way they do sometimes, not sure if I read what he died from? 

08-29-2008 7:14 PM -- By: Gwen Francy,  From: Salem  

I miss you, friend. Gwen

08-27-2008 11:07 PM -- By: Linda Valentine,  From: Massachusetts  

My deepest sympathy to David's family.  I didn't know him well but I did speak to him several times.  He cared for people the way everyone should care.  He was dedicated and will be missed by all who knew and loved him especially his family. 

Linda Valentine



08-25-2008 2:50 PM -- By: Robin Henderson,  From: Bend  

Miss you, Buddy. Wish you were here to offer the sage words of advice, joy and laughter you always had for me, and everyone else...


08-24-2008 2:43 AM -- By: Ruthie,  From:  

Dear Eleanor and Maxwell- your Dad loved both of you more than words can ever say. You were the most precious and adored people in his life and he truly lit up when he talked about you. I am heartbroken for your loss but heartened knowing that his spirit will live on in you. The world needs more people like your Dad to show us what it means to be fully human. Love, Ruthie.

08-19-2008 11:40 PM -- By: Susan,  From: Australia  

I am so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful human being David is. May he rest in peace. So very sorry

08-18-2008 6:32 PM -- By: Melissa,  From:  

Bless you and your family.  You did a lot of great work for humanity here in Salem and abroad.  I hope you knew how appreciated you were.


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